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Personal Bride Designer/ Wedding dresses tailored to all needs



studio where big dreams come true.

Cristina, designer and pattern maker , directs everything combining her creativity with highly experienced  tailoring hands within a team of exceptional enthusiasm and agreement.   

Cristina was born in Lecce (Italy) in a family of tailors and knitters  and  grew up playing with  sewing machines. Seven years later  she sewed  her  first little wedding dress out of remnants.

She graduated as fashion engineer, specializing in the pattern making , never leaving her passion for drawing and stage clothes designing.

After a training period in a tailor's, she began working as a costume designer for theater, then she moved to the unforgettable Scotland where she worked for ' Eleganza Sposa'  bride shop gaining valuable knowledge of corsetry and specializing in the oversized ladies' wear modelling.

She returned to Italy and worked for a business of Armani’s in Modena ,regularly traveling  to Asian suppliers . Then she moved into the Trussardi Group and implemented her experience working in the manufacturing of male clothes.

Cristina wishes to remember and thank, with great esteem and affection, those people who have been and are important  figures in her career :

Dolores Mangia, for the precious sartorial concepts she passed down to her

Rosanna Calcagnile, for completing  her  formation

Geppino Ramundo, for his precious advice and  trust in her

Roberto Gentilini, for sharing all his knowledge with her

Aurelia Deni, for the encouragement she  has always given to her



dettaglio finiture

A professional staff contributes  to the creation of each dress, embellishing it with embroidery,  theme  painting and anything else you may like.

Personal bride designer

me da piccola..avevo già le idee chiare...
"...I was a child.I already had clear ideas."