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The choice to celebrate marriage wearing a bridal gown all made with a Bangladeshi Sari adds an high value of communion and justice to traditional gesture and gifts.

Through the sale of a dress made with Sari (traditional Bangladeshi fabric) Follemente Sposa means to sustain the scrupulous work of the women from Jessore, an area well known for its embroidery art, and is willing to show it is possible to realize full dresses with simple but precious and original fabric.

Saris are embroidered by women who are members of Banchte Shekha, using silk, organza, and satin from Italy.

An artist, after creating the sketch he means to realize, retraces it (with copy paper) on the whole length of the sari, piece by piece. The sari is then embroidered.

Banchte Shekha, which means “teaching to survive” is the cooperative created by Angela Gomes in Jessore, which coordinates more than 30000 widowed, divorced or abandoned women; or simply women in dire straits.


"“ Her sari flies in the wind
As cock’s red feather does:
It seems the morning breeze
Scattering the cloud of dawn.
Wrapped in her sari
She seems a blooming cherry
In the middle of the meadow "

Jasim Uddin, Bengali poet

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